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Yazd tourist attractions

Yazd tourist attractions
Yazd, Yazd province is desert, and the best cities to sue. Yazd 677 km within 316 km from Tehran and Isfahan is located. City of Yazd in the door between the mountains and wide dry milk and Khzanq Mountain is located. The climate of this city arid and semi-desert with hot, dry summers and cold winters and dry. Average number of frost days during the year in about 55 days.
Carpet weaving cloth wrapper velvet brocade weaving weaving weaving cashmere Shmd making pottery and ceramic tile table Ptvbafy Jim weaving, Blaqlva, turnover, Lvz coconut, cotton candy, bread, rice, almond and Haj Haj Pistachio Zoolbia corner of Walnut and Haj and elephant and a variety of very fine dry sweets and are stylish and delicious are the souvenirs of the province.
Garden State Abad
Abad Garden State, including parts Kolah wind, Hrmkhanh, Paradise faith, building employees, court houses, homes and camel stables, water is Mshjr Anbarv Garden. This building, including buildings, Mohammad Taghi Khan Shahrukh Mirza Afshar Yazdi Contemporary Karim Khan Zand and the wind is building 35 meters high with a set of wind caught the highest in Iran.

Mosque of Yazd
The main building of the mosque belongs to the sixth century AH is considered to present a comprehensive but time Mozaffar al-ninth and eighth centuries AH has scores of art and architecture of this mosque Kashykary building and head up two minarets and majestic and beautiful decorations Two inscriptions and exquisite tile work that one line and another brick Kofi third line on the white tile mosaic is azure in the text inscriptions in the name of Sir Sultan Shah Rukh Jahanshah T. and the year 861 AH and date called.
The most important effect of this comprehensive decorative altar is beautiful and valuable. Mosaic tile designs that have been arranged. Mogharnas train altar is very interesting and attractive marble tablet, which is installed in Dhlyzmsjd dated lunar year is 777. Qth thirteen stone and tile plaque inside the mosque is eight, each dated a year and includes certain endowment e Court and tax affairs are. important point in building the mosque issue by creating indirect lighting reflection from the white stucco walls and dome of the architects and builders in the eighth century AH to have realized this.
Great comprehensive precious works of Yazd in Iran and in fact is a treasure of architectural grandeur which also made a very beautiful and represent each part of the manufacturers listed bow-and art is.

Zoroastrians Dkhmhhay
Over five cellar cemetery in Yazd, Zoroastrians as all the tall building has been thirty years and used the other will not.

Water storage for six wind
Water storage is usually made in the city center and the main four elements Myshdvshaml Khzynh, domes, wind is Pashyrv. Azmshhvrtryn water reservoir that six wind and water the most beautiful Anbaryhay Yazd is one in 1379 AH. Ullah Mir Hussein Haji efforts made .

Zoroastrian temple
This building efforts Yazd Zoroastrian Persians and integrity of India in 1313 under the supervision solar Mr. Arbab Jamshid was the trustee. The historic old fire near the temple say that 1515 years ago, the fire temple of Venus Pars Hftadr Village (Nzdym Aghda) was transferred from there to the left Abad Ardakan moved after thirty years of keeping God in the Cave Eshkoft solar Shhryzd in 1325 and brought home the great city of orders, orders placed in the Shadow of the neighborhood where homes G·hnbar The current location of the temple was transformed.

Pillar-Din Sayed
Din Sayed pillar monument with a beautiful portico and dome cover of the tile and rinse the inscription in Kufic. This monument belongs to the eighth century AH (725) lunar and plaster decoration inside the dome with the ambition that beautiful body of Amir al-Din judge that Muhammad was a supporter of architecture made famous.

Amir Mosque Chqmaq
Chqmaq Amir Mosque (New Mosque Friday) due to having a magnificent head and Jlvkhan Rafi has many interesting reputation. Mosque with huge dome and is a great platform. Inscription over the terms of calligraphy art is very valuable.
Amir Building Chqmaq year 830 AH. But was founded portico and two minarets Kashykary Rafi and some odd views of current openings that are monuments of the thirteenth century AH

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