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Water features Hray Yazd

Yazd Weather Features

Yazd Weather Features
Weather mostly hot and dry province of rainfall between 50 to 350 mm per year. Fluctuating temperatures in winter and summer and even day and night is enormous. Maximum temperature 45 ° C above zero, and at least 20 degrees centigrade below zero varies. Daily average temperatures for all years between 9 / 11 to 7 / 20 ° C varies. Yazd range part of the Central Plateau of Iran Kvyrhay place mainly in the plateau are. Much of the area within the province is covered in different parts of the Kvyrhay. [5]
Rangeland vegetation Yazd province level was estimated that 781,163 6518000 ha ha its good pastures 2,809,978 2,926,859 ha ha its medium and its pastures pastures weak forms.Poor pastures of the desert margins with high underground water level mainly friendly plants such as salt Ashtan types Shvrgz Salsvlaha and the view is started up areas with low ground water in the vegetation in the waterways and the River mainly observed is would continue.
Including existing plants in areas with water under the earth can be Rms, Haloxylon, Jfnh, Artemisia and Qych Asknyl and sometimes pointed.
With increasing altitude and rainfall situation better and thus improve soil conditions, vegetation ranges of percentage canopy cover and species diversity and density and uniform distribution has improved the pastures in this group of middle row are. The dominant species Artemisia sieberi pastures with other forms of plant species such as Qych, Jfnh, Nk, Klamyrhsn and ... Vegetation type forms.
Good pastures mainly the province of range 2000 meters height above sea level started because of having more than 250 mm of rainfall in terms of vegetation density and diversity better condition than other pastures is Dara. This species ranges mainly Artemisia is that plant species such as coma, Astragalus Ktyrayy, almonds and mountain ... Vegetation type forms. The ranges of mountain almond tree species such as, mountain fig, mastic, Arjan is observed that sometimes the masses are totally include forest, including the province can be a good pastures around Nsrabad Taft, Taft A. Abad, screening in Tabas, narrow plane, Khranq, Chnarnaz and Garden Krkhngan Seal pointed happiness

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