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Travel advice

Travel safety advice
1. Before moving the car technically check (tires, lights, manuals, brakes, wiper blades and ...)
2. Suitability of weather conditions and make sure the road.
3. If possible, your vehicle equipped with fog lights on.
4. Lines of the middle and sides of the road route continued use.
5. If steam windshield of car air conditioner use, and side glass to get the driver slightly lower steam then go away.
6. Sure full petrol tank sure.
7. Maintaining proper distance from the vehicle front-end according to the designated speed is necessary
8. When driving in fog, the rear stop lights, do not fully trust.
9. Wind rate car tires is important because the Chair is Badsh best and most appropriate setting with the road surface adhesion and durability will also be greater.
10. 10 percent return for each wheel to insufficient wind, 10 percent of the Useful Life loses.
11. Deep grooves in the tires for snow and heavy rain might keep your life is guaranteed. The groove depth should be at least 3 mm. Otherwise it must be replaced.
12. Driving on the edge of roads and road shoulders avoid.
13. On a slippery surface, when the sudden change of speed you avoid the heavy gear.
14. Loads on the trunk and Barbnd quite strong and carry heavy loads and large capacity out of cars and about aspects of fear.
15. First aid box, fire and safety equipment Aggregate Traffic (flashlight, caution triangle) along with the always have.
16. Putting and the clarification of heating or lighting (such as picnic gas) in cars due to possible fire and avoid creating bites.
17. With safety belts at all along the way probability of death from head injury to reduce.
18. Transport of dangerous loads, such as gas tanks, gasoline, oil, chemicals and combustible .... Avoid.
19. Maintain focus on driving, smoking, talking cell phone, eating and drinking, arguing and joking please do not.
20. If you feel tired and sleepy fear of driving.
21. If you view the scene of an accident to avoid congestion at the site.
22. In the event of an accident the way for the relief forces, ambulances crossing open.
23. Relief forces finally do work.
24. Must observe traffic laws please.
25. If taking drugs that act on the alertness and speed of driving you have a fear of driving.
26. With ((safe speed)) drive.
27. Aggressive pertinacity and pride are key factors in the accident. While avoiding that, with such drivers and police can deal with caution in
Put stream.

How to stop slipping when you:
1. Completely control their own and be dominant.
2. Fear of braking, tapping the brake on ice to lock the wheels and cause more to be slipping and sliding.
3. Move in a direction that the rear car eats the head, so that the car was to straighten your desired move slowly press on the brake to reduce speed of cars is on the Pacific Gas and press car Motion to continue.
4. Avoid taking the lead, too much steering whirl blow knocks back the car which is the glide direction and the car in motion, is on.
5. Car stuck in gear to keep low because this situation will help speed up and gives control to the driver.
6. Removal of his foot on the gas suddenly avoid.
7. Frozen cars on the road in heavy gear hold.
8. When mud, snow and ice can quickly drive your car less stable hold.
9. Ever before to move the following inspections:
• Rubber
• Oil
• Battery
• Chain wheel
• Lights
• voltage regulator
• Command
• Wiper Blades
• Heater
• guides
• Differential
• Lighting
• Jack and tools
• Brakes
• Teach your children during the move from playing with the car handles, and open the hand and head out the window they refuse.
• children's imprint of the front car seat and refused to seat them in their cars and put the rear portions.

Safety tips in long trips
1. Choose a day to travel the night before you sleep well.
2. In a day not more than 10-8 hour drive.
3. In short rest intervals to determine (at least once every two hours and 15 minutes longer than in towns along the way is the side of the road or parking)
4. When you stop for a short break out of the car and walk a few step. Little exercise and a few deep breath.
5. Light meals during the trip consumed.
6. Associated with having insurance and medications needed for patients is required.

In case of any accident resulting in human injury is to define the following:
1. Keeping our cool and calm the injured person gently check.
2. In case of severe damage, pain in the area of cervical vertebrae or other parts of the spine and avoid moving the injured immediately, please contact 115 emergency center.
3. In case of cardiac arrest - cardiac resuscitation breathing operation - Start lung.
4. In dealing with cases of fracture, the affected members as possible should the board, cardboard or splint, immobile and if deformation had broken the members try not to put it in place.
5. To prevent food entering the lungs caused by vomiting, the injured (if cervical spine injury is not considered) Bkhvabanyd side.
6. If you see bleeding, bleeding to place pressure directly enter.

Suggested equipment in first aid boxes:
1 - Housing and fever
2 - anti-allergy pills (to treat allergies)
3 - tourniquet
4 - Wound bond scheme
5 - Gas sterilized
6 - glue and adhesive wound dressings
7 - sterile surgical blade and forceps
8 - Article disinfectants like Betadine
9 - China nail clipper or wire hooks to shred bank if, after entering the body, its head is out of place again.
10 - sunscreen
11 - Water purification tablets or similar
12 - a match or lighter in waterproof packaging
13 - Fire tablets alcohol to create a solid Foundation
14 - emergency blanket that sex is similar to aluminum paper weight is less than 10 grams to prevent injury or loss of body heat sun heat to fire victims.
15 - Anti-diarrhea tablets in the case of sunstroke on otherwise Panel clinic is required and should not be poisoned by the drug administration, and only need water to compensate for lost body.

Disaster relief for the injured driver to follow the following order:
1 - keep your cool.
2 - where the risk of injuries is fast away.
3 - If gasoline leaking from the car people around you and around the car not to smoke or fire.
4 - always a powder machine Manufacturer and gas off the car should carry.
5 - If possible Srbatry Auto Disconnect the battery.
6 - In case of fire inside the engine in any way not to open the car engine.
7 - If a member of the body being impregnated with petroleum or water, car batteries, quick to apply washing member.
8 - In case of being impregnated clothing (shirt or pants) to gasoline, oil or water, car batteries, be sure to remove them from the people.
9 - If you use the user off, then sprinkle matter referred to under the engine off, with the caution necessary in open cars and fire engines turn off.
10 - In case of lack of soil or sand off the poster in place, to extinguish the fire use.

How to aid injured in accidents:
1 - injured trapped inside the car and push do not pull out because of injury victims that may rise.
2 - Msdvmany suffering serious bleeding stop breathing or have been in the health priorities are and they need urgent treatment.
3 - check airway accident victims and injured mouth open, and every object that is inside it to remove casualty to breathe easily.
4 - If after removing the barrier of mouth breathing did not begin sci sci chin forward and bring his head back gently bend. Open mouth slightly injured, with two finger holes can block the nose and mouth through the mouth into the high casualty Synhash Bdmyd to come. Wait once every four seconds Repeat this action to be able to breathe without help injured is.
5 - with a clean cloth and put the pressure on the bleeding site can prevent more bloodshed. If not stop bleeding, to bring members up to less bleeding.
6 - In case of foot and hand fracture fixation compared with splint, boards or similar bodies or apply bandages.
7 - if that many injured are in place and not breathing problem, assist injured with severe bleeding is Dravlvyt.
8 - if not to help update equipment, the equipment and facilities as possible accessible to be used.
9 - Be careful when transporting injured more injury to him not to enter. Non-Normative carry injured and even cause more spinal cord lesions are. (Thus if the correct methods are not familiar carry injured, if such an immediate threat of fire does not threaten lives injured, the displaced to Avoid him for the work of people trained to help.)

Drivers also can safety through 88255555 Number of roads across the country and also informed in case of any problem with the Emergency Centre and Emergency Police 110 Fire 115 and 125 should call.

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