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Zoroastrian cellar

Zoroastrians Dkhmhhay

In fifteen kilometers southeast of Yazd, Brblnday sedimentary and low mountain called Mount cellar, two circular stone building with a tower like the hollow space is located in the cellar or the court is famous Zoroastrians. On the north side of the mountain range, some building bricks and clay, brick, stone or a combination of all three, equipped with amenities of its time - known as Khylh - to be seen.

The oldest works in this area, and crypt Khylh west side is all that belong to the Safavid era.
Local cellar of the Zoroastrian long until about forty years ago, his underworld principles, culture and religious traditions and ceremonies performed during the special to be formed by the mountains around vulture bait are. Middle of the empty space between the well cellar is that "Astvdan" is known and bone remains of the bodies are poured into it. Later, during a special ceremony, sweeping the grounds and inside the cellar was disinfected again the cellar was used. In fact, internal courtyard cellar cemetery like that many times it was used. Another cellar this province can be cellar Cham (Cham village, city Taft), cellar Firouzabad (city of Yazd) and cellar Ardakan noted


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