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Yazd Tourism Info

Tourism Info

Yazd with hot and dry weather in the central Iranian plateau it is Vaqh neighboring provinces of Kerman and Isfahan, Khorasan, Fars and is
The history of Yazd is about 3000 years ago and has shining legacy of the different periods of culture and civilization Earth According Yvnyskv Organization Yazd is the sister city of Venice, Italy and the first city and the largest mud brick city in the world is
Cashmere weaving, carpet weaving, carpet weaving, pottery, tiles and ceramics industries of the old city of Yazd Yazd are also a special traditional sweets are very tasty and is unparalleled in the world
Elegance was used in making art and crafts and architecture in the province Hmchnyyn its kind unique and why art is great value and so Khat Yazd annual reception in different seasons Tdar large domestic and foreign tourists Is

ساعت فلش

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