Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Water storage of six windward Yazd

Six ventilation Yazd water reservoir

 Including water storage facilities that are dependent on subterranean water storage for use in winter and summer have been used. Six ventilation water reservoir in a neighborhood of the same name is located in Yazd city.
The large water reservoir Prhjm over 2000 cubic meters capacity, and two milk or had access to tap water reservoir which one to use for Muslims and other religious minorities are Zoroastrians.
The water reservoir is six funnel, three windward it was built from scratch and three others later windward of the accession, with little difference in accuracy on Tuesday funnel shape funnel with other Badgyrhay the old is evident. Six funnel water reservoir according to climate and wind direction in this region are sided figure eight.
Tank height - height louvre - louvre beautiful architecture and materials used in Chinese brick entrance and decorative features of its proprietary water reservoir 6 ventilation that it has a great reputation.
Total number Plkanhay the water reservoir 50, reservoir height, 6 / 12 m and height of funnel 10 meters.

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