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Garden State Abad

Garden State Abad Yazd

 dolat Abad Garden in Yazd in old gardens in the country of Iran. Input section when the night garden

This building set in 1160 by Mohammad Taghi Khan known Bafgh the Great Khan was built around 260 years old and have a residence time and contemporary ruler Shahrukh Mirza Karim Khan Zand and has been. The building should provide the descendants of Mohammad Taqi Khan (Rahimi patriarch) is owned by Heritage and is now under Muhammad Ali Mzaldyny (groom supreme leader's representative) is run. (Parsley family tree in a comprehensive book have already been published )
The collection of memorabilia and Zandiyan Afsharieh courses including building entrance, vestibule and windward buildings, building regulations and Hall Mirror Garden, Mansion Tehrani, water reservoir has two openings and Nasir Bagh. Garden landscaping and fruit trees such as cypress and pine had grapes and red flowers and Mohammadi also be seen in the garden .
Main Street in this collection of martyr Rajai Grfthast and the other is located at Boulevard Dolatabad and virtually no input in the restoration and reconstruction. So from the main traffic is performed. Arrival of a large vestibule, we pass the offering and sale of local handicrafts such as pottery is. Interior garden is almost green and somewhat Kashan Fin Garden will remind viewers in mind.
With the difference that makes Fin Garden in Kashan Mmvrtr effects while Nasir Bagh Although there certainly seems to be custodians of the irrigation well is dry and seen.
Garden lighting at night inside the lighthouse by Lamphayy set and have been periodically comes around that also creates a beautiful landscape. Doors to the main building of wood and carving to be seen in several rooms inside the building is located in most rooms and doors Hvzy been one of the rooms facing the courtyard and garden opens, with colorful glass clad with beautiful designs when there sun and beautiful scenery dock probe being reflected colored spots on marble pool puts on display.
Another room in the famous funnel Dolatabad the height of land is located 33 meters from the ground funnel tallest of its kind and well chill coolers can provide the building.




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