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Zoroastrian temple of Yazd
Temple consists of two parts. The fire is the fire and the house means Kdh house fire. Some people like it that bars and pubs Pagoda and the FQ have said.
Hooshang fire when discovered that if such a device did not fire again to turn it to the fire command Ng·hbanany Houshang Gmardnd to take care of it and they will prevent the off. Wind and rain outside the cave, the fire inside the cave and brings harm caused by the burning of wood smoke was unbearable to think of that went to build a house on fire and fire to the house brand. From here we promised Ferdowsi Hakim great human civilization and steps taken towards Proceed.
News discovered the fire around which they came to win Tshkdhay fire that had made the order came Houshang because they did not know how to keep the fire to take off and not his. Ng·hbanhayy that were kept from the fire and the fire had experienced escorted to deliver his new home. To those of Tshha care nurses were told to fire and that some Zoroastrians today Tshprst mistake of saying the word roots. Tshprst nurses were not on fire.
Drawing fire from the temple to take the time being because tool for fire wood was forced to do. Human After they learned how to fire again if the new temple was built and the fire went to the nearest temple for the new temple and a thousand years ago brought many Iranians who emigrated from Iran to India along with his fire and now they took Tshkdhshan the temple "Vdvada" is held.
Yazd, one of the oldest temple temple on Iran. This temple has many visitors, especially from across the Iranian New Year holiday to visit the temple come to Yazd. The hosts are because of culture, and politics have no clear reason being the Fire do not know, those questions. It is true that you're Tshprst? Yazd Zoroastrian Association officials that day with several questions of this kind are facing the need to explain are repeated several times daily, but because they are silent and quiet and less so to answer some of the visitors is causing resentment. A visitor who makes such a question should be proud that this is a fire detection and Hooshang it was the civilized world.
But rather long on each new temple, which made the temple the other prestigious Tshsh? After the initial fire to the temple which was built by order reaches Houshang.
Nursing Zoroastrian fire was completed today and until you see it and know that Iran had discovered fire, the civilized world. Such ignorance and that some of those questions should be tolerated because of cultural work wants to know the time for temple officials Yazd is difficult, it turns out Ferdowsi Mybrdh suffering from this issue that said:

Mgvyyd were Tshprstan
Prstndhy were clean Yazdan

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