Thursday, May 28, 2020

Alexander Prison

Alexander Zyayyh prison or school now hosts many tourists and local and foreign tourists is one of the major tourist places of Yazd is considered.
According to ISNA Yazd with the longest prison with eight centuries old Alexander in the corner of the world's largest adobe city, has Jakhvsh. More Zyayyh school that Alexander is known to prison, and to the eighth century Zya’aldyn Hussein, father of the mystics Sharaf Ali Yazdi Yazdi, is built. Building this prison built in 631 AH and in the year 705 AH is completed.
Dome has a long adobe building has stucco decorations and makeup, the watercolors painted with gold and azure taken.
Special feature of this collection, the beautiful dome architecture school as a way of building that it can be in other domes in Mongolian period observed and it seems, building schools and Kmalyh Hosseinian Rknyh and duplication of this is building.
Also bedchamber school, with the altar and around the school yard porch that is built with the west side of the porch is bigger and Mehrabi plaster.
There is a strong possibility that the prison remains one of Alexander's family homes and dome Razi remaining monument was their graves.
Type of materials used in brick in prison is often Alexander the dome of the Islamic Revolution by master architect Khorrami mullah is repaired with brick.

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