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Antiquities Yazd

Country Road

Mapping Organization of new versions of country roads map of Iran with a new structure has been designed and prepared. The Scientific Service Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), the maps based on latest information as the Ministry of Roads and Transportation booklet and tape set is provided.

Use these maps in vehicles is done with ease and also tried the maps on scales of a millionth and a half and one million six hundred and fifty thousandth is provided.

Road Map to Iran Ktabchhay scale in one and a half millionth base mapping information organizations to address the country also has http://www.ncc.org.ir.

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Yazd Map

Yazd province with about 131,575 square kilometers, the fourth province of the vast country that portions of central plateau in the margins of plains Kavir Lut Contract Vbyn latitudes 29 degrees and 52 minutes to 33 degrees 27 minutes north Vtvl 52 degrees and 55 minutes to 56 degrees and 37 minutes Eastern is located.

Mosque of Yazd


The mosque on the western side of Imam Khomeini Avenue, Anthaykhyaban Mosque, Shahi Gate Area is located.

Monitoring in the early fifth century AH "Amir La’aldvlh Kalnjar" But first Amir was Kakvyy Bnayknvny Hshtmhjry century mosque, "al-Din Sydrkn Mhmdqazy" construction works.

Historical Resources:
Building of the Great Mosque of Yazd during centuries of residue and various buildings along the Grdydhast in historical texts under the titles city mosque Friday, Atiq Mosque, the old Friday Mosque "lees" New Mosque and the Bnahayalhaqy Bhasamy mentioned is different.

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Zoroastrians Dkhmhhay

In fifteen kilometers southeast of Yazd, Brblnday sedimentary and low mountain called Mount cellar, two circular stone building with a tower like the hollow space is located in the cellar or the court is famous Zoroastrians. On the north side of the mountain range, some building bricks and clay, brick, stone or a combination of all three, equipped with amenities of its time - known as Khylh - to be seen.

The oldest works in this area, and crypt Khylh west side is all that belong to the Safavid era.

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