Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Country Road

Mapping Organization of new versions of country roads map of Iran with a new structure has been designed and prepared. The Scientific Service Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), the maps based on latest information as the Ministry of Roads and Transportation booklet and tape set is provided.

Use these maps in vehicles is done with ease and also tried the maps on scales of a millionth and a half and one million six hundred and fifty thousandth is provided.

Road Map to Iran Ktabchhay scale in one and a half millionth base mapping information organizations to address the country also has
Mapping organizations of two countries also failed to provide coverage corrected satellite images and maps of the country's image has been.

Coverage of satellite images and maps corrected visual effects in different countries displayed normal country with the dimensions 15 and 6 meters provides.

Perform geometric correction of the maps covering the relevant country twenty five thousandth scale digital model with a resolution of ten meters of land has been used.

Maps, satellite images and images corrected, several applications including environmental studies, studies of development projects, disaster relief and natural disasters and development and are deprived areas.



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