Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Yazd Map

Yazd province with about 131,575 square kilometers, the fourth province of the vast country that portions of central plateau in the margins of plains Kavir Lut Contract Vbyn latitudes 29 degrees and 52 minutes to 33 degrees 27 minutes north Vtvl 52 degrees and 55 minutes to 56 degrees and 37 minutes Eastern is located.

Yazd province has 10 city (Yazd, Abarkouh, duck, Bafq, Taft, Seal, Saduq, Tabas, Mehriz and Meybod), 23 cities, 20 sections and 51 villages of the provinces of Semnan, the North West, Isfahan from the West, Gulf of the South West , East of South Khorasan, Razavi Khorasan and Kerman from the North East is East and south East neighbors.
   Due to this you can map your favorite places in Yazd access.

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