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Six ventilation Yazd water reservoir

 Including water storage facilities that are dependent on subterranean water storage for use in winter and summer have been used. Six ventilation water reservoir in a neighborhood of the same name is located in Yazd city.
The large water reservoir Prhjm over 2000 cubic meters capacity, and two milk or had access to tap water reservoir which one to use for Muslims and other religious minorities are Zoroastrians.

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Travel advice

Travel safety advice
1. Before moving the car technically check (tires, lights, manuals, brakes, wiper blades and ...)
2. Suitability of weather conditions and make sure the road.
3. If possible, your vehicle equipped with fog lights on.
4. Lines of the middle and sides of the road route continued use.
5. If steam windshield of car air conditioner use, and side glass to get the driver slightly lower steam then go away.
6. Sure full petrol tank sure.

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Zoroastrian temple of Yazd
Temple consists of two parts. The fire is the fire and the house means Kdh house fire. Some people like it that bars and pubs Pagoda and the FQ have said.
Hooshang fire when discovered that if such a device did not fire again to turn it to the fire command Ng·hbanany Houshang Gmardnd to take care of it and they will prevent the off. Wind and rain outside the cave, the fire inside the cave and brings harm caused by the burning of wood smoke was unbearable to think of that went to build a house on fire and fire to the house brand. From here we promised Ferdowsi Hakim great human civilization and steps taken towards Proceed.

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