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Dear passengers Since travel by passengers prior planning can help you plan trips to new, cities under the serial have been booked by passengers last year, are given:
Path No. 1 North 1
Tehran - (Chalus / Kelardasht) Two nights - one night Ramsar - Lahijan one night - one night Rasht - Bandar Anzali one night - a night of Astara - Tehran

No. 2 route northwest of a
Tehran - (Anzali / Rasht) a night - (Astara / Anklet) a night - Tuesday night Sarein
No. 2 route 3 northwest
Tehran - Tabriz two nights - two nights Sarein - (Astara / Anzali / Anklet) a night - Tehran
No. 4 West route
Tehran - Hamadan one night - a night of Sanandaj - Zarivar two nights - one night in Kermanshah - Tehran
Path number 5 northeast
Tehran - Mashhad three nights - (Chalus / sari) for two nights - Tehran

No. 6 Central Path
Tehran - Kashan one night - Tuesday night, Esfahan - Tehran
A southern route number 7
Tehran - Isfahan two nights - two nights Shiraz - Tehran

No. 2 route 8 south
Tehran - Yazd one night - one night in Kerman - Bandar one night - with a car carrying vessels through Lengeh Kish - Kish Tuesday night / Qeshm two nights - two nights Shiraz - Tehran


Yazd tourist attractions

Yazd tourist attractions
Yazd, Yazd province is desert, and the best cities to sue. Yazd 677 km within 316 km from Tehran and Isfahan is located. City of Yazd in the door between the mountains and wide dry milk and Khzanq Mountain is located. The climate of this city arid and semi-desert with hot, dry summers and cold winters and dry. Average number of frost days during the year in about 55 days.
Carpet weaving cloth wrapper velvet brocade weaving weaving weaving cashmere Shmd making pottery and ceramic tile table Ptvbafy Jim weaving, Blaqlva, turnover, Lvz coconut, cotton candy, bread, rice, almond and Haj Haj Pistachio Zoolbia corner of Walnut and Haj and elephant and a variety of very fine dry sweets and are stylish and delicious are the souvenirs of the province.

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Tourism Info

Yazd with hot and dry weather in the central Iranian plateau it is Vaqh neighboring provinces of Kerman and Isfahan, Khorasan, Fars and is
The history of Yazd is about 3000 years ago and has shining legacy of the different periods of culture and civilization Earth According Yvnyskv Organization Yazd is the sister city of Venice, Italy and the first city and the largest mud brick city in the world is
Cashmere weaving, carpet weaving, carpet weaving, pottery, tiles and ceramics industries of the old city of Yazd Yazd are also a special traditional sweets are very tasty and is unparalleled in the world

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